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What do we give you?

Either you are hired by CapFields, or you would like to stay autonomous. In both cases, our collaboration will be grounded by contractual and mutually agreed terms.

CapFields supplies you with:

  • its existing structure;
  • its network;
  • the team who will take part in the innovation process;
  • time to cover the whole extent of the stages of the innovation process;
  • a marketing support;
  • possibly grants these activities development;
  • possibly looks for financial partners.

Each team is certified by CapFields management, and this, jointly with the project leader.

What you give?

The project leader will:

  • bring its idea;
  • its network;
  • takes part in the organization of the team who will act in the innovation process;
  • coordinate all the stages of the innovation process to provide with deliverables;
  • possibly grants these activities development.

Progressively, the project leader refines its Business Plan and certifies its endurance. For CapFields, it is a good means to promote creativity and innovation, as well as to offer a brand of quality. For the project leader, it is a means to implement its ideas with the support of a structure which provides him with security, autonomy and resources.

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