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We care about communication. We think that it is crucial to call us into question. Each newcomer brings different points of view and experience, but values remain the cement which links the members of the company who share them: humanity, humility and pragmatism.

Activities Follow-up

Each consultant is part of a group of people with various profiles and careers. A group follow-up is regularly organized, which aims at creating a network and sharing ideas. Consultants are meeting, in a casual and informal atmosphere, to do the update on the projects progress, the evolutions, the encountered difficulties and the improvements to be proposed to the client.

"Consultant Manager"

The follow-up of each group is organized by a "Consultant Manager", who is responsible of the individual coaching and of the management of a team of consultants. He takes care of the development of the competencies of his consultants through their registration to appropriate trainings or conferences. The "Consultant Manager" reports to CapFields management and coordinates his actions with the other "Consultant Managers", in particular in relations to the organization of activities of the entire company (marketing events, parties, etc.)

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